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Buying a House

So you’re ready to buy. Perhaps this is your first purchase or perhaps you are adding a new jewel to your property crown. NP Evernest can help you with all aspects of the buying process.

How do you want to buy?


Make sure you visit the property and thoroughly review if it is right for you. The auction process is a legally binding process and, in some cases, a deposit will be required as soon as the hammer falls. The reserve price is the minimum amount the seller will accept. Don’t start the bidding below this amount.

Don’t be deterred by large crowds. Many will be there as spectators. All that matters is those registered to bid. Know your limits and prepare your budget carefully before attending the auction. Bring a support person when you can to help you with any high pressure moments that might arise. Sometimes buying at auction will yield a better result than buying privately.

Off the plan

This arrangement allows the developer to sell properties before they are built. As a result, they are able to secure capital for their construction and this is offset by offering the property at a cheaper price to buyers.

There are benefits and risks associated with buying in this way. Sometimes the final construction may be different to the original plan. Sometimes the workmanship may not be all that you hoped for.

These are worst case scenarios, of course. The best way to minimise these risks is to do plenty of research, talk to your real estate agent and ask lots of questions.

The Victoria Government offers an Off The Plan Concession to eligible buyers. You can learn more at the State Revenue Office website.


A private sale involves one party selling directly to another party. There may be a negotiation period and then a settlement period.

NP Evernest can assist with facilitating private sales. We will make sure all the right protections are put in place including a cooling off period and the necessary inspections.


Things to think about

  • Do your research – ask questions, research online and don’t cut corners. Take your time to make sure you make the decision is the right one.
  • Duty concessions – Check if you are eligible for pensioner, first-time buyers and principal place of residence concessions at https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/buying-property
  • First Home Owner grant – $10,000 available when you buy or build your first home. The grant is $20,000 when you buy or build in regional Victoria. Learn more at https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/fhogapply
  • Cooling off periods – a 3 day cooling-off period applies to private sales of residential and small rural properties.
  • Mortgage broking – Finding the right mortgage broker can help you locate the right financing for your property purchase. We are delighted to also offer Mortgage Broking services through the NP Home Loans arm of our business.

Auctions have been the most popular way to buy and sell properties in Victoria for nearly 200 years. Less than a couple of years ago in Victoria alone more than 40,000 residential properties were sold by auction.

There is a schedule that sets out the rules about the way auctions must be held. You can read about those rules here:
For more information about how to buy at an auction you can read the:
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