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Chadstone, Melbourne, Victoria

If you are buying your first investment property or adding to your portfolio, NP Evernest can help you locate the right Victorian property for your investment.




  • Land tax – If your home is the only property you own you do not have to pay land tax. For additional properties, find out all you need to know about land tax at https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/land-tax


  • Real Estate Agent fees. You will need to decide if you will self-manage or engage a Property Manager to look after the tenancy arrangements for the property. Many people like the latter option so that they can enjoy the profits from their investment without being caught up in day to day worries and concerns related to its tenancy. NP Evernest will be delighted to discuss your Property Management needs with you.


  • Legal fees


  • Repairs and maintenance


There are tax deductions applicable to many of these costs. The Australian Tax Office website can help you learn more.


For a comprehensive guide to investment property taxes in Victoria visit the State Revenue Office website which also provides calculators to work out the taxes for your property https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/.


Things to think about

  • You will need to decide on the type of dwelling to purchase. NP Evernest can help you understand the benefits and limitations of dwelling types including apartments, townhouses and detached homes.


  • Long-term vs short term leases – Having a lease in place is advised. How long the lease is, can be negotiable. It provides security for both the owner and tenant. Make sure you take the time to understand the details of your tenancy lease.


  • Do your research – selecting the location and dwelling for your investment is a different process to selecting a home to live in yourself. NP Evernest can help you understand which areas and dwelling are likely to yield the best return for your investment.


  • Positive cash-flow vs negative gearing – The rent you earn may be more or less than the cost of your mortgage. There are some tax benefits to being negatively geared but ultimately you want the best return on investment possible, without risking having a vacant property due to high rent prices. NP Evernest can advise on this.

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